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Our Concept

Over passage of time we have been serving, satisfying providing integrated and real-time solutions to most of Egyptian market segments doing our best to fulfill the interior dreams to our clients at every level of their conscious consuming habits and as per their own lifestyle. 

Our limitless ambition always stands as challenge to develop our services to survive and compete in this overwhelming market changes; so we always looking forward to offering and presenting the integrated solutions and services. Hence, we have set up our well-equipped factory for sewing and fixing curtains to our clients either with their own designs or ours. 

Our vision is to widen our sales network and distribution channels throughout our sales team and showrooms to cater, satisfy and serve new market segments all over Egypt.

The company is dedicated to exploring new business ventures in other regions and is open to strategic collaborations with companies who share our vision in the furnishing industry.

Our experience stands on 50 years behind and our skilled qualified team share and build with us this experience which we believe that our personnel are considered one of our most valuable assets involved in our business. We have more than 100 personnel working within our different sections and branches vary from juniors, seniors, executives and upper-management.

In addition, we have high skilled and qualified decoration engineers, designers and technicians working within our technical department. Moreover, we are so proud that our personnel turnover is less than 1% annually and this is because our personnel share our vision and always feel that they are our indispensable potential.